About My Services

Specializing In:

  • Remote Viewing
  • Detailed Email Readings

  • Soul Mate Relationships

  • Past Life Readings and Connections

  • Predictions and Timelines

  • My view on doing readings for you is that you need the facts, you need the truth but you also need to make your own choices. I do not judge because I have been there and if I have not my empathic gifts allow me to feel what it is like to be in your shoes. I will never sugar coat but I do deliver honesty with great compassion and if you need or want  to stay in a situation my guides and I feel you need to get out of I will support you in that situation until YOU are ready to make a change.

    We all have to walk our path to our own beat. No one should ever make you feel you are silly, stupid, or naive.

    Most of the time when we are walking our path we know what we are doing wrong, we know we should take a new path or we know we need to change. I am here to help you see the possibilities, tell you what the other person is thinking and feeling, let you know the options and outcomes of each path you have to choose from, but I am not here to force you to take any specific path.

    There are lessons to learn on every path and reasons for our being on them. There are no mistakes and there are no wrong choices! Even if we are not on the best possible path we may need to still learn from the one we are on.

    Every day we are faced with obstacles, confusion, criticism, and energies that drag us down. I will ease those burdens.

    Doing spiritual readings, energy work and life coaching is in fact my life, not just a hobby. It is my life path and my career path. It’s not something I tinker with on the side, its not a game to me and I take it very seriously and take your situations with earnest. So know when I read for you I am putting my 100% effort into YOU.

    Experience & Qualifications

  • Druid / Wiccan with background in Christianity and Apostolic Religions
  • Psychic and Tarot Certification, 1982
  • Bio-Feedback Certified, Menninger Foundation, 1987
  • Past Life Regression Certification TSM, 1989
  • Remote View Certification, 2004
  • Ordained Minister Non-Denominational, 2005
  • Holistic Life Coach Certification, 2005
  • Chakra Balancing Certification, 2007
  • Formed Azzrian Visions Psychic Portal, 2009
  • Other

    My services are not to replace medical, counseling, legal, or financial services provided by professionals in these areas.