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I have dedicated my life to helping others in spiritual development and a honest path. I am a third genaration psychic and a second genaration wiccan. I have over 25 years exp. in my field. If you need true gifted help look no further.
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I have developed my psychic vision to help and council many in their spiritual path with love, happiness, peace, good fortune, carear, bussniess changes. Also I can help you with my love spells to re-unite lost lovers. Not only do I have psychic abilites I also am a White Wiccan for over 15 years. I can see your problems and help to overcome confusion, miss direction, unsureness about life's mysteries and depression. Don't feel lost I am hear and I can help you.

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I am a third genaration psychic and licsesed for 25 years in Ca. I have helped many people in my time and also can help you. I work with Tarot cards, crystals and also medatation.


I have know degrees I am a gifted psychic thru God.