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Basu Indian Guru Well Know Psychic Master And Spiritualist, Let Me Guide You In A Psychic Reading! I Will Answer All Your Questions With Just Your Name And Birth Date!
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I was born in India and raised in the United States. I have been a Spiritualist, Psychic & Tarot Reader for over 31 years.

I am very different from other psychics with whom you have spoken. I get straight to the point in my readings.Looking for help with all of life's questions? I'm a psychic, clairvoyant, & clairsentience, which helps to see auras, karmas, cycles & energies around you. I tell past present & future. I can reunite lost lovers. I have helped people reach happiness and peace of mind for many years using my God-gifted abilities to resolve all types of problems from all aspects of their lives. May The Love Of God Always Be With You.

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Indian Based Rituals & Spells Of All Kinds

Love, Money, Reunite Lovers, Romance, Faithful, I Make Spells For All Your Needs.I Get Straight Down To The Root Where Others Have Failed!


Let Me Tell You All About Your Future. I Use Many Traditional Indian Methods And My Spirit Guides To Predict The Future. I Was Born With This Psychic Gift Just As My Great grandfather Was.I Can Provide You With The Answers You Need To Unlock The Mystery's That Has You Worried And Confused In Lifes Most Important Matters.