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I can help with relationships, career advise, and magick as well, for any wish or problem you desire to change if it is meant to be I can help it come quicker... Other Specialties  
About My Services

I've been very intuitive with all topics, and correct with basic info...dates, and events, pretty accurate, for entertainment, not to be literal, things change on the daily, but do my best to inform you of all details, that's why I charge a decent price...I'm somewhat quick at typing but need to connect 1st so will not need to be hired right off the bat...check me out, you'll see! much love

Experience & Qualifications

reading for people and friends, about 10 yrs... with cards mainly but also guides, Enough experience with spirit guides and through meditation. I am real & don't care all about money, love helping people...Can help with love, money, work, all that only white magick and good positive situations, no negativity or forced activity on anyone, all good intentions with no harm to none!


natural and born with intuitions-