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I have always been intrigued with the Tarot and how it enables you to open up your mind and see things more clearly. I've a vast collection of decks acquired through the years, and I will choose the deck the calls to me based on you, your energies and the nature of the question.

You will always recieve an honest, caring reading that will not be sugar coated. I trust my cards, as they speak to me and you as the seeker will recieve exactly what they say.

I do not need your date of birth, as I read from your energy. If needed, I can pick up on the energy of those around you or those you have questions about.

Please do not contact me if you don't want to hear what my Cards and Guides gift me with. I honor them in such a way that I will always give you what I am given, good or bad.

If you do not wish to consider what the guides and cards are telling me, then I am not the reader for you - so please do not argue with me. I will not question my nor their integrity. However, do ask questions if you don't understand what is being said.

***It's important to understand, while I am able to pick up on events that have happened in the past, present, and those in the future, the future is not set in stone. You have the power to change the outcome by the path you take. I can only give you guidance and direction and see things as they would happen based on when I am reading for you.***

I am able at times to give timelines, if you are interested in this please contact me through email. If I do a timeline in chat it will be approximate, however a closer and more precise timeline requires much time and energy.

Once you have become a returning client, I will be able to pick up on our connections in a deeper and more profound way - It's to your advantage to find a spiritual advisor and build that relationship with them.

*A Tarot reading is meant to be a positive, supportive experience.
*A Tarot reading looks at the energies that are currently surrounding the client, and at the possible outcomes if action is not taken.
*All clients shall receive total confidentiality.
*The client will be advised to seek advice from professionals on financial, psychological, medical or legal matters.
*The client will be encouraged to make their own decisions.
*The client's religious beliefs and spiritual path are to be respected.
*The intention of the Tarot reading is that it be for the highest good of the client.
*The client will receive the reader's full attention and will be encouraged to participate in the reading process.
*The reader shall not coerce the client into making any additional purchase of any kind.
*The reader has the right to choose not to read for any prospective client if they are not comfortable doing so.

I can do email readings as well live readings as I am able to give you extensive insight into your situation, along with additional information that may be useful.

I will also use some of my other divination tools, such as Pendulum, Empath, & Guides to offer further insight and clarification.

What to expect in a live reading: We will take a few minutes to say hello and then I will ask you to wait until you hire me until I feel I have made a connection and all the cards are down.

***Please come to each reading with an open mind, so that you are able to receive the messages that the Universe is giving you.***

Much Love to You!


Experience & Qualifications

Gifted Psychic with 20+ years in Divination. Currently working in several private Divination Associations.

Feedback with comments is appreciated - it allows me to help others and continue doing what I love, being here for you.


Professional Tarot Reader & Intuitive Counselor, over 20 years experience.