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About My Services

I do things differently than others and offer a unique, ethical experience. Psychic readings can be used positively and can help you form new understanding of yourself, others, and the situations in your life. No question is too big or too small and readings can be done on you, any relationships, creativity, money, life path, etc.

My accurate, REAL reading is instantly useable and rings true with what you know about your life and gives you awareness about where you're headed but it also helps you be here now. This is VERY important because it is from here that a psychic reads potential and from here that you create the path ahead. The future is a field of possibility instead of a finite, fixed picture just waiting for you to get there; it is changeable, fluid and flows from the choices that only exist 'now'. A psychic is a "tour guide" who offers a wider view of the map with alternate routes and road conditions ahead but YOU are always in the driver's seat.

My sessions are gentle and empowering but my high ratings aren't because I build soothing fantasies by telling you what you want/expect to hear. I help by being honest and real. After all, it's when your fears or beliefs are challenged that you need clarity, help and compassion the most! Fairy tales feel good only for a little while but truthful inner perspective gives comfort that is real and lasting. We can talk about "good" and "bad" circumstances in a way that opens you to moving forward and feeling better.

How does this work?
All of us are sending and receiving energy all the time. I simply read this energy as we type back and forth without needing information or accessories. I will ask you for your real name (and name of anyone we talk about) to have a polite conversation and attune better. As a writer my communication is FAST and concise so it helps to have your questions written down. Come as you are! My job is never to judge your experience or tell you what to do - I'm only a tool of information and guidance. I prefer to focus on questions directly -allowing for your own wisdom and choices- however, if you ask I can help you explore "why" more deeply and offer practical or intuitive spiritual growth/personal development guidance on the best way to proceed.

Important notes

* I do different types of sessions and while some clients visit frequently for intuitive counselling/spiritual/personal growth readings, dream interpretation, creativity - predictive readings should NOT be repeated too often. Empowerment not dependency is the goal!

* I do not do readings based on other readings and because I'm not "everyone else" I can't bother with other readings/readers.

* I don't/can't read for everyone. If I can't connect I'll let you know so you can find someone to tap into things better. Adults only

* Focusing JUST on timelines is limiting and can block things from evolving. "What" is often more important than "When"

* If you have enabled the "allow expert to contact me" button I often offer free end of sentence wrap up/follow-up/guidance about your reading as a generosity but please be respectful of my free-time. I don't have as much time on LivePerson as other readers.

Experience & Qualifications

I have always been able to read people, feelings, situations, and energies. This gift has helped me negotiate life's ups and downs and help friends, family and clients with my intuitive/sensitive/empathic ability as well as open them up to their OWN intuition. I've given readings for pleasure and professionally for almost 24 years as an Intuitive Counsellor alongside my professional life and career as an artist and writer. I've had the opportunity to work intuitively with people from all over the world -writers, psychics, actors, healers, politicians and moms. I believe we're ALL intuitive beings! I'm a natural born skeptic and analytical scholar so I only became interested in paranormal/"psychic" phenomena from my own observations and experiences as a child instead of following spiritual "fads" or trends. I believe can penetrate philosophical mysteries without dogma. "Cosmic" lingo isn't for everyone and so I try to use humour and realism to touch every-day lives.

Choosing a reader and using readings safely:
Pick a reader who draws your eye and heart and who compliments your own philosophy whether this is me or someone else. Your reader should keep your concerns PRIVATE and should never give you the impression that they can control fate, you or anything else to make you afraid or threatened. There is a lot of healing out there but no spells, cleansings or solutions exist to help you without your participation and nothing can "fix" things from the sidelines. Use faith and belief to transform your world but be wise and discerning in the realisation that psychic/spiritual guidance is subjective and no one PERSON is always accurate. Pass guidance through your own "filter" of wisdom and awareness and avoid losing energy and focus in the present by looking anxiously to the future or carrying past burdens. Readings are not a replacement for professional licensed medical, counselling, legal or financial advice. You are responsible for all your choices.

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