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***5 Star Psychic 180wpm- 10 years experience. In-Depth answers on Love & Career. ()Early Equinox Special() High Accuracy. Detailed answers & information. After hiatus IM BACK Other Specialties  
About My Services


I am Bryan Ve'Piras. Since birth, I have been gifted with a link to the metaphysical intricacies of this world. From communicating with higher intelligences, to reading people's auras, and future. I believe everybody is capable of such things, and they have the choice to hone it or neglect it.

I've dedicated my life to learning as much as I can. I'd like to lend my services to help anyone who needs it. If you're curious about your job, or something with your love life. If you feel uneasy, or tormented. Like something has put a curse on you, or maybe some entity is haunting you. I have the capability of effectively cleansing you by the means of thelema, the mystic philosophy I practice.

If you're conflicted with something personal, like a break-up, or drug addiction. I can help you get in tune with the wit and will you need to overcome anything like that, by helping you search out your true will. I believe everyone has a true will, and once they find it their life runs alot smoother. Another passion of mine is dream analysis. I've had success with it in the past, and I like trying to figure out how your subconscious can put what is going on and about to be going on together.

``An ordinary man facing a great mountain, is like an illiterate faced with Greek manuscript.``

I'm well-versed in remote viewing, placing and lifting curses, kundalini yoga, kaballah, readings, astral projecting, scrying eyes, astrology, tarot, thoth tarot, zoroastrianism, thelema, the combinations have an endless plethora of useful tools for almost any problem.

From: shehazpeace Date: 6/10/2007 11:24:42 AM

Just wanted to apologize for giving you a halfway crappy rating. Actually, it seemed so far fetched what you were saying but in reality you were pretty close. You told me I would meet a guy at a Baptist church and although I am Baptist I dont go to church. However, I did meet a man with a son like you described who is very spiritual. However, our spiritual connection was made because I was seeking information on EVP (electronic voice phenomenon). So yes, he lives close and I guess in alot of ways it is kind of a "religeous" connection. Again, I apologize for a rating that was not justified. I was just closed to the possibility of meeting a religeous/spiritual man. Good luck to you and God bless.

Here is a perfect example. She was a very sweet lady.. but, unlike some of the others.. I didnt tell her what I thought she wanted to hear. I told her what I really saw. This is REAL advice for REAL people. If it's what you want. You came to the right place. =)


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  • Love & Relationships
  • Money & Materialistic Matters
  • Trouble, Loss, Scandal, or Conflict

    --------NEW NOTE-------- Because of the recent three minute rule has adopted. If a client simply asks two or three questions and I answer them in detail then they click off right after the 3 minute mark I will BLOCK THEM immediately. So if what I say is accurate do not EVER expect to get another reading from me. And if you're one of those sorry sack of slobs that will immediately ring back to continue the reading from where it was, you'll not get that chance. I am sick and tired of psychic abusers and that is what made me leave the business for so long. This is a profession just like anything else and nobody out there works for free. This might seem cruel to the few honest potential clients out there, but this just goes to show I will be honest and real with your reading. I do not sugarcoat anything. --Bry --------NEW NOTE--------

Experience & Qualifications

I've never used my gift professionally before. I am very experienced in helping people though. Just for the sake of helping them. Some of my past clients were friends, others were just people who needed help that I or someone I knew had heard about. I've experience in fields as small as a psychic reading, and scenarios of casting out malevolent intelligences from people, and/or objects. My results were always effective, and so far I've been accurate.


Advanced mystic
Remote Viewing Student
Multi-Talented in various Metaphysical traits
Experienced in practical and ritualistic magick
Demonology Expert - Communicating and/or casting out.