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MY GIFT OF SECOND SIGHT IS A MIRACLE. Let me untangle the despair and confusion that you have been carrying for too long.LOWER RATES FOR NEW CLIENTS. Other Specialties  
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Have you ever wished that there was a GPS for your soul. All of that constant doubt can sap you of your energy. When you feel you cannot continue alone, please come and talk to me. I knows how to help you and provide you with the answers to questions that have been worrying you. From the depths of despair, let me bring you to joy and happiness. A spiritual adviser who has helped others for many years, I will listen to your words and bring out in you a feeling of warmth and self confidence. Whether your career, your love life or your feelings of anxiety are at issue, I will help you with kindness, common sense, and, of course, with spirituality. Read my thousands of ratings and learn the truth. Let me heal your soul in ways you cannot even imagine. May all your dreams and aspirations come to pass, please G-d

Experience & Qualifications

25 years of experience helping others channel their own guides and angels, find peace within their own spirit, build self confidence. We can truly make your life easier. Whether it is intuitive, insight, advice, guidance, hope, prayers (healing or internal), or any of a host of requests, I can untangle the despair in your soul. Find your Fountain of Light.


*College of Spiritual and Psychic Arts and Sciences, Level 4, Paris, France *International Kaballah and Mystical Seminars, Montreal, Canada and New York *Certificate in Intuitive Counseling and Life Cycle Mediation*Leader of Egalitarian Kaballah Studies