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If you desire to learn the truth, contact me and find out what's really going on. I am an honest and truthful reader guided by the Angels.
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My first experience with beings of Light was at 3 years old.It's still as vivid, as clear in my memory as if it happened yesterday.I was in the backyard of my home playing in the sandbox. Suddenly, I found myself on the grass nearby.Just as this happened, a large branch fell exactly where I had been playing!I felt all tingly inside.I also felt safe and very loved.I giggled, as I saw this wonderful light around me.My mom came out in terror, but she later told me that I kept looking up to the sky and laughing.That was the begining of my lifelong journey.

From that day on, I was forever connected to the Higher Consciousness that I call Angels.

I am not a formally educated woman, with a degree in Divinity.I am a wife, mother, friend,healer, teacher, and a servant of my Divine.

I have however, been chosen by the Angels to help those in need, and to tell them the truth so they can be on a path of healing, love and joy.

I simply feel your energy, your presence and the Angels tell me what they see and hear for you.There is always truth.You may not get the answer you want/like, but you will always get the truth.

And it is with that in mind, that I bring my simple service of healing, readings, guidance and general life experience to you - to help you find joy, light and peace.

Experience & Qualifications

Have helped over 1500 clients.

Gifted by the Angels.

Confident in my gift.

Hope to be in your prescence soon.

Until then...Live, Love & Laugh!



Since the age of 3, I have been blessed with messages from Angels.

Naturally Gifted.

Intuitively Guided.

Experienced for over 20 years.