About My Services

I know that I am a psychic, very well worth crossing paths with. Why don't you reach out, and find out what messages I have for you! I know you won't regret it, and you'll definitely feel better. I have had a good track record for finding missing objects. I constantly think and feel on a paranormal, intuitive level. But we all have it within, and I am not claiming to be more powerful than anyone. I'm just constantly flowing on the psychic level, which would be a headache for most people to do all the time. I totally embrace the person who comes to me for insight. I become you, I breath you, I feel you, I see you, I look around you, I look beyond you, and I sense where you are headed and where you've been. But if you look deep enough, the answers are always within you, and the power is always within you, even when you're at your weakest moments. I am here as your open channel at times when you feel like you need confirmation and insight.

Experience & Qualifications

I've been a full time psychic for 12 years. I've worked for Kenny Kingston Hotline and I was featured as a top psychic in their magazine. I've also worked on Psychic Reader Network, Keen, Advisor Universe.


I'm currently studying for Phd of Div. I'm educated in many areas of the paranormal. I have a specialized education in past life hypnosis and channeling. I'm a professional tarot teacher, I've trained and motivated many people who are now professional tarot readers, its one of my specialties. I've been wide open to the universe since childhood. I have been in touch with my spirit guides almost face to face, spirit to spirit, telepathically. I can communicate with your spirit guides as well.