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About My Services

Hello, I am the Dr. Christos Kioni, Ph.D. I can help you with metaphysical answers for life decisions, prosperity, emotional healing, love and spiritual transformation. I am an ordained Minister, Metaphysical Consultant, and Success Coach. I am spiritually gifted in Prophecy, The Word of Wisdom and Spiritual Healing. I can look beyond the natural realm to see the spiritual energies around you. I can pray for you and invoke your Guardian Angels and Ascended Masters. I can help you with specific instructions for empowerment through rituals, affirmations and personal mentoring. I have 31 professional years in the disciplines of esoteric, spiritual and noetic science. I am professionally qualified to assist you on a spiritual and metaphysical level.

Are You Seriously Ready For A Transformation?

I am also a Frater in the Rosicrucian Order, AMORC. I am a Metaphysician trained to work with Universal Laws to help you master positive forces and create your dreams in the NOW!. If you are ready to transform your life and live your dreams call me for metaphysical mentoring now!

See clearly - move forward with confidence Empower Yourself - Call Me Now! Get real-time confidential, anonymous, professional advisment.

What You Can Expect From A Consultation With Me?

    Your Analysis From Me Will Reveal
  • The examination of the core situation - are things coming together or moving apart?
  • Comparison of your innermost knowledge with your conscious attitudes - real feelings - expected feelings - deeper truths - surface appearances - the wisdom of your Higher Self versus the beliefs of your ego.
  • Timing - the past and the near future - what is moving away - what is approaching - what needs to be released - what needs to be held on to - what has been experienced - what is to be experienced.
  • Yourself and Others the cause and effect of your emotions and thought.
  • Possible Futures - what you think will happen - near future - long-range future - possible alternate future and what is actually projected to happen.
  • Hopes and fears - approach to take or way to proceed - problem or obstacle and elements of surprise.

Call me now for your Psyhco/Spiritual Tarot Analysis, Success Mentoring, Spiritual Healing and Guided Meditations,

Dr. Kioni's Code of Ethics:
Your metaphysical consultation is private and confidential. You are entitled to my full attention. You are free to ask questions during the consultation to gain further clarification. You will be provided full and complete answers to the questions asked. Your consultation is a complete service; no further purchase is required. You are entitled to know the cost of your consultation beforehand. I am not qualified to give medical advice, please do not ask. I am not a qualified financial advisor, how you spend your money is your choice. I am not qualified to give legal advice, please locate a lawyer if you need one. I will not tell you what you want to hear, but will tell you whatever information I receive for you. I pledge to honor fellow professionals and clients by the Golden Rule. I pledge my best effort on your behalf, a professional attitude, expert service and pleasant demeanor.

Experience & Qualifications

College of Apostles and Bishops - Hope Outreach Ministries, Inc
Founder: Exalted Living Institute
Pastor: Assemblies of God
Pastor: Church of the Nazarene
Publisher/Editor, Esoteric Prosperity (Prosperity Secret) ISSN:1528-7882


Doctor Of Metaphysics