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Gifted Psychic. Talented, and intuitive in all matters of the heart. Get answers to your love questions. don't go wondering through relationships alone. know your destiny Other Specialties  
About My Services

Hello, let me start by introducing myself. My name is Edward milan. I am a Third generation psychic, born with the unique gift of clairvoyance. As several of my gifted family members before me, i have devoted myself to helping people who are confused or weary minded in the area of love and relationships.

I have been giving people the insight that they need to make clear conscience dessisions for 19 years now. So whether you are single & dating, or in a commited relationship, you dont have to wonder where you are going to end up in your current situation. Let me help you separate the rubbish in your life, from the valued relationships that need TLC and are worth rebuilding.

I utillize my knowledge of relationships, with the added advantadge of psychic abillity to give you the insight that you need and the information that will help you in the shortest amount of time. So many people have love problems, and the solutions aren't simple. an in depth psychic reading can help you get a heading of what you are up against. does he love me? Is she right for me? Will i ever find my soulmate? These are some of the questions that you will get answers to.

I also offer kasamba e-mail readings. in depth answers to all your questions and concerns at a flat rate. please remember to include your name and date of birth, as well as the name and d.o.b of the person that you wish to know about, and your current situation details.

Get the insight that you need from a gifted psychic that can guide you.

Experience & Qualifications

gifted psychic abillity at birth. developed, and fine tuned clairvoyant abillity. 19 years of personal tarot study, and helping people get the insight they need in life.