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Elite psychic tells you what he/she is thinking. Answers all your questions.Reunites lovers **avg reading 10 mins or less** Other Specialties  
About My Services

Hello I am a psychic reader and advisor who have been helping to guide people for over twenty years! By using the gift I was born with, I am able to look into your past, read your present and predict your future. I am able to help you in making decisions in your love life, finance, health and career. I can help you with the answers that you seek if you choose to accept my positive energy. I am a naturally born psychic reader and have always felt closeness with the universe and spiritual world. I use my abilities like Metaphysics, medium, clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Clairsentience, Tarot Reading and Numerology Forecasts. I not only give you a reading which is specific to your current situation but I also guide you in how to change/ fix/ become open to ideas and positive energies within in. I have accepted my spiritual healing gift with an open mind and an open heart. I can pick up your chakra blocks within the reading (If you have any) and make you see and understand the importance of chakra balance in your life Sometimes, blocks in our life happens because we are to consumed about it and thus it becomes negative. Stop wondering; call me today for in depth accurate advice, years of experience will show you how precise my readings are. Looking forward to meeting you and establishing a future in guiding you into the right direction no matter which way it may take you.

Experience & Qualifications

Diploma in Crystal Healing Gifted Healer, Spiritual Guidance Counseling, and Masters Degree in Psychology&Meditation. Experienced Over 20 yrs i offer chakra/aura cleansings for a low price of $300.00. Love spells and much more Call now


Psychic, Medium and Spiritual Healer, gifted in areas of romance, dating, relationships, love, money, destiny, spells, mental and spiritual healing and guidance.