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Experience & Qualifications

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What you need to know about readings-

You will have to keep your mind and heart open for connection at the time of the readings.

1) I do not guarantee 100% accuracy and no advisor is one hundred percent accurate.

2) If you do not feel we are connecting, do not hire me. But if we have connected then you are supposed to hire me to proceed with the reading because I do not give free readings.

3) Readings provided by other advisors can differ from my readings due to the tools used and the level of spiritual energy during the time of the reading.

4) The readings are confidential between you and me and treated as professional service.

5) I will tell you what I feel and see, but remember the connection is what that is suppose to affect the feedback/ratings and not the good or bad news because the outcomes can change time to time due to the person’s thoughts or actions and I am not the person changing the story. I am just delivering the message to you which you have asked for.

6) Please remember to LEAVE YOUR RATINGS/FEEDBACK. It fills me up with positive energy and I would appreciate it a lot. If you do not agree with me then it’s not my fault, I am just saying what I feel. If you do not want to hear what I am saying then you are free to end the chat anytime you like to avoid wasting your money and my time and energy.

Methods of Consultation-
1) Live chat sessions- Average readings: 5-10 minutes.
2) Emails- If I am not available please email me for setting up an appointment for a live chat. I follow US Eastern Standard Time of Liveperson. You can also use the email service to keep me posted if you would like to follow up our last live chat session. I will respond to your emails within 12-24 hours.

Online Hours- 6.00 am-3.00 pm EST, 7.00 pm-3.00 am EST.

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