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Ireland's leading psychic consultant.
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About My Services

I specialise in deep clairvoyance. I am well known throughout the island of Ireland. If you have been given psychic advice before and were impressed. I will impress you even more. I will never undertake a reading if i cannot obtain a strong enough vibration from you. Now available once more on Kasamba after an abstance of three years. During which period I have travelled throughout the United States of America and Canada undertaking private consultations.

Experience & Qualifications

Taught Romany Tarot in Dublin by renowned gypsy, Madam Lavelle in 1968. Developed clairvoyance at Stockwell Spiritualist Church, London and Belfast Church of Psychic Science, Northern Ireland. Founder of the Northern Ireland Psychic Association. Featured in national press, Radio and Television throughout Ireland for the last twenty years. Correctly predicted that a client would become Northern Ireland's first major Lottery winner in January 1996. Reported in Sunday World, Irish News, Belfast Telegraph and Ulster Television Kelly Show in October 1996 when the prediction was fulfilled. I have researched ancient forms of divination over many years including Sufi mysticism. In order to achieve accuracy in a prediction. I might well draw on many forms of psychic knowledge.


True psychic ability cannot be taught, nor can it be inherited and passed from one generation to the next as some psychic fraudsters pretend.