About My Services

Finding our Soulmate and experiencing Happy Love is the most precious gift Life could ever give us. It makes us feel so special, loved and strong.

Yet, finding your True Love and being good at relationships can be daunting. Love becomes a source of troubles, anxieties and social pressure that I can help you lift by bringing you clarity on your situation and analyse the prospects on your Love Life in the near future. I can also help you overcome confidence or self-esteem challenges you may face and that may sabotage your dating or love life.

I put my psychic and healing gifts exclusively at the service of helping you on your True Love Quest. Blended with my working experience as a psychologist, my natural intuition helps me tap into the energy of your situation and the people involved and scan all the major blocks sabotaging your love life. My psychic gifts provides you the best insights on your situation while my psychology background enables me to share with you concrete empowering tools and exercises to incorporate into your daily life and lift the blocks standing in the way of a Happy Love Life with your Soulmate.

My honest and compassionate reading style is therefore a blend of intuition and concrete coaching tools. Not only you get high quality insights about your situation and the people involved, but you also get concrete actionable tools to make the shift in your dating life in a positive way.

I also offer healing sessions to help you release karmic blocks when it comes to relationships, as well as moving on after a break up and healing your Heart.

I look forward to connecting with you and serving you from a place of Love, Honesty and Light. Love makes Life matter. Love makes us feel alive. Let's zoom on your own love life potential, with my deep psychic and angel guidance, to help you find your Soulmate.

Experience & Qualifications

I am a natural born clairvoyant & clairaudient psychic, medium, empath and healer. My psychic readings blend the best of my natural intuitive gifts with my working experience as a Psychologist to provide you the best insights on your love life and get you unstuck with concrete tools and exercises to unlock the blocks or patterns sabotaging your love life and get you on board to finding your True Love.

With my extensive 9-year professional experience as a medium, angel card reader, therapist and psychologist, I channel and receive messages from your personal Angels and Spirit Guides. These empowering and loving messages are destined to guide you make the best decisions and solve your challenges in all matters of the heart, no matter where you are on your True Love Quest: whether you're still seeking your Soulmate, or have found your True Love but complications arise, or doubt about a person's true motives, I can help you understand better where the challenges arise from and how to solve them in a loving way. Let's turn things around in your love life - for good!

We can also schedule distant healing sessions to heal karmic links sabotaging your romantic relationship or True Love dream.

Other than that, I have a rich international experience: I have been practicing my psychic gifts for people located in the US, Canada, Mexico, UK, France, Nordic countries, Asia and even Africa! I speak fluently English, Spanish and French and can help you wherever you are located. Experiencing Happy Love is the most precious gift Life could ever bring our way. It will be an honour to help you make the best decisions in your romantic life and contribute to bringing meaning to your life through a relationship advisory session.

Get in touch with me today and take back the remote control of your love life!


Angel Card Reader, Psychologist, Holistic Healing Therapist