julie mcleod

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Tarot Reading



i am a 10 year expert at tarot, i have done numerous readings where things have come true. i answer all questions, esp love.
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About My Services

i am psychic mcleod. i have been reading for over ten years. i have done my own spreads, which are designed to help you at your time of need. i have taken courses through various online teachers and they are always amazed by my keen ability to translate the cards. i will help you no matter what, do u feel your love life has gone sour? think your husband is cheating? i use a unique system that has been passed down by generations. i find it to be accurate. i will guide you, chat with you and give you the best reading for your own benefit.

Experience & Qualifications

i once gave a reading to a friend, who was having rent problems. i have been helping her for 8 years. i did a spread for her and i discovered that there were monies being stolen. the problem went on for years..just recently a man got arrested for taking rent money. i have read over 50 clients on aol and for friends. they were done by exchanges, they have always told me that i was right and a pleasure to talk to. i have taught tarot to many, helped any online friend with nothing in return. i will do the same for you.


highschool and some college, plus various online teachers who have taught me tarot.