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Tired of the fluff and confusion? I offer detailed and straight forward readings with predictions and time frames that come to pass. Other Specialties  
About My Services

What is a reading?

Chances are what you know of readings you learned from Hollywood or bad infomercials airing late at night. While there are many magical moments in a Tarot & Intuitive reading my personal philosophy is that readings should be practical and easy to understand. A reading should help you to understand what is happening AND guide you on what you can do about it. Readings are not spooky or woo-woo; they are the ultimate tool for personal empowerment. A reading is a great way to tap into the energy that surrounds you and your situation. You can gain insight on what the current path shows and what paths or options are around you. Best of all a reading arms you with insight so that you can make informed decisions on what is best for YOUR life!

My story:

I’m a wearer of phenomenal shoes, drinker of fabulous wine and diviner of cards! While I have a more "down to earth" reading style I still have been known to whip up a very powerful spell and spiritually dance with the Goddess to the rhythm of nature. I have studied Tarot for over half of my life, have a very strong relationship with my Lenormand oracle cards, read energy like some read books and practice Usui Reiki (Master Level).At any given moment of any given day there is magick of some sort happening within the walls and on the many altars around my home. When not hacking into the esoteric, I’m also a Master Certified Life Coach, radio show host and writer for various online and print publications.

I began my career as a reader extraordinaire in Michigan in early 2001. In 2006 I moved to Salem Massachusetts where I mingled with the Pagan inclined and further enhanced my psychic skills with a rich variety of Sages and mentors. In addition to my natural abilities I have the following certifications:

  • 2008-Metaphysician
  • 2011-Past Life Therapist
  • 2011- Law of Attraction Specialist
  • 2012-Master Life Coach

When not providing readings I can often be found in the kitchen, on the yoga mat or sitting outside with a good book and even better glass of wine! I am wife to one, mama to two (with another on the way!) and a former cat owner and lover currently tending to and tolerant of canines. I believe that life is all too serious on its own and for that reason I try to inject laughter and the "bright side" into the mix whenever possible.

Experience & Qualifications

Please note that my sessions are not filled with industry jargon nor are they tools used to enable toxic patterns. I am EXTREMELY blunt and give my clients both clarity and understanding regarding their situation.

My clients come to me after making round after round with those readers who were great at handing our predictions (most of which never come to pass) but not very good with guiding.
I do not just predict the future (though that is certainly part of what I do). I help clients understand what their beloved is feeling, what their intentions are, what their relationship MO is and what can be done to shift a faltering connection towards a more desirable path.
My readings draw on my skills as:

  • Claircognizant
  • Empath
  • Astrologist
  • Tarotist
  • Master Certified Life Coach
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapist


Member of the American Tarot Association
Metaphysical Counselor
Master Certified Life Coach
Cognitive Behavioral Therapist (CBT)
Past Life Therapist
Endorsed Tarot Guild Reader
Theta Healer