About My Services

Greetings and welcome to my virtual office!

Born under the sign of Pisces which is a sign of intense empathy and healing I am a naturally gifted clarisentient psychic reader. When in a reading with me I will use my ability to discern by channeling the energy that surrounds you and I am also able to pick up on various details about you and matters within your life such as matters within your past, present and future. I am not only able to determine your current situation and matters that may lie ahead, but I am also able to advise you what steps to take in order achieve what you need or how to avoid undesirable circumstances.

Aside from insight into your life I am also able to help those who cannot help themselves by changing various circumstances within their lives through various forms of magick, new age practices and healing. Whatever questions you may have feel free to ask as I go about every matter with an open mind as well as a caring heart therefore you will not be judged based upon your matter or lifestyle.

For the best experience possible when consulting with me live please keep an open mind and be ready to hear only the truth whether it be positive or negative. Also please be sure to have enough funds for at least 10 minutes to avoid interruptions and a more clear & precise reading. After your reading with me you will able to have one follow up reading via-email for $2 and after every hour long reading you will be able get one free email session upon request.
For further questions about my services please feel free to send me an email with your question and I will respond to you as soon as possible.

Experience & Qualifications

•Kasamba/LivePerson Expert of over 7 years
•Expert in verdic astrology since the age of 12
•Expert dream analyst
•Rootworker in various forms of white magick & New age healing
•Skilled in many forms of divination
•Typing speed of 73wpm
•Palm Reader
•Spiritual counselor
•Also available on other online psychic networks
•Spiritually enlightened Hermetic Alchemist
•Given readings at many fairs and private parties
•Hoodoo practicioner
•Necromancy practicioner
•Tarot Reader

Professional psychic reader in licensed and family owned psychic establishment that has been in business for well over 30 years located in Port Hueneme, California USA serving the Ventura county and I have also provided my services in Conroe Texas.