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Welcome to the Angelic Realms of Spirit. This is the home of light-filled messages of hope. I offer psychic, soul mate, past life, pet, spirit guide/angel readings.
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Masters Healing Light

Greetings in love and light, dearest ones. Thank you for visiting my page. You have entered the angelic realm and all are welcome. The Spirit World is all-inclusive, never exclusive and open to all who seek spiritual enlightenment. My name is Tracey. I have been given the divinely inspired ability, blessing, gift to commune with angels, teachers and spirit guides since birth.

Angels and Spirit Guides
These are your angels and spirit guides ordained by Spirit to assist you on your journey of light. The angels and spirit guides can reveal to you matters about finances, love relationships, soul mates/twin flames, friendship, career direction, family and home life, pet information, past lives or any other concern you may have. After the reading, you may feel renewed, energized, healed, compassion or intense unconditional love. If you are reading this, I believe we were meant to connect. There is a reason that our path has crossed. My soul looks forward to meeting yours! I send you light, love and protection!

I offer many services such as Spirit Guide and Angel introduction readings, Dream Interpretations, Soul Mate Readings, Relationship Compatibility Readings and General Psychic Readings.

Experience & Qualifications

Masters Healing Light

I have the following gifts:

Animal telepathy, Clairaudience - "clear hearing", Clairvoyance -"clear seeing-remote viewing", Clairsentience - " clear knowing, feeling, sensing", Clairgustance - "clear tasting", Clairscent - "Clear Smelling", Clairempathy -“clear emotion”, Precognitive - "knowing the future".

Channel - Tracey has the ability to allow her body and or mind to be used as an instrument for Spirit to bring psychic information and healing energy to others.

Channeling - Tracey has the gift that allows Spirit to enter her mind and impress thoughts upon the consciousness to deliver information or healing energy, and as a result, she can tap into higher consciousness, communicate with Spirit Guides, Teachers, Angels, Soul Group and the Divine Conscious Mind.


Masters Healing Light

Prepare to be delighted with the Divine insight and messages that are truly healing for the soul. As you experience the Divine messages channeled to you directly from the Spiritual Realms you get loving guidance and a truly spiritual experience of deep soul communion. Tracey has the Divine gift and blessing to channel messages from your Spiritual Family, Spirit Guides and Angels, Spirit Helpers and Animals. These messages are light-filled messages that answer the deepest questions within the very depths of your soul. Tracey does not use tarot cards or any other tool other than the Divinely Inspired Gift of channeling to deliver these messages and will help you to connect to the energy of your Soul so that you can live in a higher state of enlightenment and truth.