About My Services

I provide psychic readings using tarot cards and my own empathy. I use various decks Including Crow's Magick, the Aquarian Deck, the Thoth Deck as well as many others.

Please wait until I have the cards laid out before you hire. If I don't feel a connection with you, which can happen occasionally, I won't waste your time or money and read for you. If I get a junk spread the first time, I will try again, but if that doesn't work, then there is no connection between us.

I will listen to your questions and concerns and then use these to gain insight into your situation and aid you in gaining the solution.

I will only ever tell you the true outcome of the cards, as problems and situations in life can be handled and dealt with regardless and the positive aspects of your reading in the particular path you are looking at. I will tell you what I see, even though it may not be what you're hoping for. Keep in mind that there is a reason for everything. A reading is not something that is set in stone, but rather something to guide you on your path.

If you get a reading you don't like, only you have the power to change the path and get back on track. I'm here to help you on your path and tell you truthfully what can be done and what can't. We all have the potential to gain what we need and want in life and I'm here to help you on this path.

Experience & Qualifications

I'm been reading cards for over 25 years now. I've read for fun and professionally. I'm a practicing Priestess, I practice on the paths of Celtic Magic, Irish Witchcraft and Traditional practices. I have a wealth of knowledge at my disposal which I will always put into practice when aiding my clients with their needs . I've been having psychic visions since childhood that have kept on developing up until this day. I have given many people hope and insight into their lives with blissful and happy outcomes.

I follow a Celtic traditional path, and Can aid you with spell work, removing obstacles and negativity from your life. I can advise on love spells and rituals, career success, luck and much more. I can also provide you with the spells to help in you no matter what the situation, magic is a safe and powerful tool for change and I can help you achieve what you desire and need in your life. Working with and around many people over the years I have developed a compassionate and caring reading style that can help you feel at ease no matter what your situation. There is a solution to every problem, Iam here to help you find it.

I have practiced and followed this path for many years working with psychics and practitioners of magic and witchcraft to help improve the quality of peoples lives for many years. I take time to listen to your concerns first and foremost, which is more important to establish a connection during a reading. I can aid you in many ways spiritually and help with your path to enlightenment. I can give advice regarding all area’s of life and what can be done to improve situations for all everyday problems. I have come from a line of spiritually blessed people including my grandmother who practiced Strega (Italian Witchcraft) and I also draw on my Celtic heritage as well.