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Native American Spiritual Healer/Seer - Season of your birth brings me clarity that will guide you to the answers that you seek. Circle creates a safe space for you. Other Specialties  
About My Services

Sessions are filled with compassion and understanding and you leave circle where we sit and communicate with tools to help you in your everyday life. Smudge is always started before our session so that it is understood that I require a few moments to look at all of what is being asked of me. I look to the season and that is the only information that is asked of your birth as this gives me more information than the western zodiac signs. I am Native American and I do not zodiac signs as my knowledge comes from Ancestors and guides. I cannot fix your LIFE in 5 minutes but I can give you clarity and truth as this is the only path that I walk. If I cannot do the best session while we sit in circle I will inform you ahead of time as I do not believe in wasting neither time nor monies. I will not sugar coat the truth as I call a spade a spade. If you want the truth come and see me and we will work thru what you cannot seem to understand. WE can speak of what is troubling you that you cannot find answers for. WE can work on a better place and no more emotional roller coaster rides. WE can get you to where you wish to be on your spiritual journey. WE can help you find your true self and with pure intent. I do not do rituals nor spells as I do ceremonies and send healing and prayers. I do a ceremony every Friday evening if you wish to be added for prayers and healing. All you need to do is send an email requesting to be added to the list. Every full moon a certain ceremony and a feasting is also added with the laying down of Tobacco – Sema on your behalf. NO questions are too small or too big to address. Circle is a home away from home. I treat people the way I wish to be treated back and NO DISRESPECT will be tolerated in anyway shape or form. NO FOUL LANGUAGE is allowed in circle. Please respect as respect is earned and not given freely. I look forward to sitting in circle with you and working towards your health and wellness. You are not alone and walk tall and proud.

Experience & Qualifications

My knowledge comes to you with over 40 years of physical earth years along with guides and my ancestors. Additional knowledge outside of community extended in various spiritual learning in the metaphysical realm. The more I learn I find out on how little I really do know so I am like a sponge and continually lifelong learning is what I work with on a daily basis. WE can speak of herbs and plants but I am NOT A DOCTOR. I will not diagnose nor attempt to answer medical questions and if you are not sure of your health I strongly advise you to seek out your family physician as soon as possible. Traditional medicine is sacred and ceremonies and proper teaching on how to pick plants is a must. Animals, guides, angels, chakras, colors to only mention a few of what can be discussed in circle. Traditional and cultural teachings are available along with long distance healing and working with universal energy and healing. No information is asked besides the date of your birth as if I am not sure or see something else around you I will not for anything in addition. Circle is where we speak and where we sit and speak about what is troubling you. I do not share information as I am bound by law,,, morals, ethic and universal. I am Anishnawbek so my words maybe different to your ears. If you find that you need more clarity, ask me and I will explain further if this understanding does not reach your ears. Phone sessions are a stronger connection and ask about specials as they vary from month to month. SMUDGE is always prepared and then lite before I start a session. I will let you know when I am ready to begin out of respect. You can ask me questions during a session and what comes out in a session is more then you will have ever thought. Healing is also present and you are never alone. DO NOT feed me information as it is not needed. My experience is over 40 years and my continual learning is on a daily basis. WE can always find a solution to your problems and health and wellness for a better life. WE work together to get over obstacles, find solutions to what is troubling you. The best to you and yours.


Certified in the following areas: • Certified Tarot Master Instructor – Canadian Tarot Network & American Tarot Association • Certified Reiki – Dr. Usui Master – Level I – IV • Certified Sacred Breath Master • Certified Kaurna Ki Reiki Master • Certified Usui Skiki Royoho Master • Certified Shamballa Master • Certified Medical Intuitive Practitioner • Anishnawbeg Health and Wellness Seer