About My Services

Guided by spirits and using ancient tools I can read your pattern and tell you what is happening and predict what the future is inclined to be, and I will tell you how to enhance and fine-tune direction of your future. I have been advising numerous clients in person since 1985 and was the writer of a column about the ancient art of life charts in a Chinese magazine. I have other professions but I continue doing this because I enjoy putting my skills to useful purposes and helping people. Doing this online is brand new to me and I look forward to connecting with you here. Most questions can be answered by iching and tarot guided by spirits however if you want to experience the amazing accuracy of ziwei life charts I would need your time and place of birth in addition to your birthdate. I'm not always online please email me first to set up an appointment.

Experience & Qualifications

25+ years of professional reading using ancient Chinese methods including life charts, the eight elements, iching, and fengshui.


Born gifted. Learned in mystical studies including iching, ziwei life charts, fengshui, tarot. Writer of a Chinese ziwei column. Other qualifications that are not necessarily relevant: Master Coach in behavioural change; Bachelor's degree in Commerce; lawyer