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About My Services

Empathic seership, interpreter of symbols...I can read the symbolism in just about anything you can think of...Tarot, Runes, Stitchomancy, Dreams, Numerology, Astrology, Chakras/Aura, psychometry (challenging over the phone unless you're a telekinetic- heh heh-), and well, if there is a symbol behind it, I can read it. Oh...and I'm a truthteller...

Experience & Qualifications

I have consulted clientele in their private homes, in shops, restaurants, psychic fairs, and when the opportunity has struck...I am well over being nervous about my abilities...We are all endowed with the ability to use higher brain function, and connect with our within...Negative media has alot of people thinking it's something only a few are gifted with...Hogwash...Anything you focus on grows, for positive or negative, this includes psychic ability...


Author of the 9 book-Sceptre adventure series... Reiki Practioner (Master level-Usui system)