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 5☆  - 40+ Yrs reading for clients. Love / Relationships - Money / Career - Soulmates and Past Lives ...You were drawn to me because I help people.

With 40 plus years experience and exceptionally high accuracy, I give you the answers to your questions, quickly and with detail. I am an internationally acclaimed Author, Psychic, Energy Worker, Teacher and Lecturer. Many professional psychics are repeat clients of mine. I clarify Soul Mate connections and bring you awareness of your guides. I pass on all messages I receive, in order that you may find the answers you seek. My Work heals, enlightens and frees you.

My connection is with God / Source. Guides assist me when needed.

Pendora /
Psychic Janet Thompson


GENERAL READING ... A look at the next twelve months; all aspects of your year ahead. If you are looking for a clear picture of what lies ahead, this is for you.

MANIFESTING LIFE ... Understand how the Law of Attraction changes your life, once you begin to use it to manifest what you want. My sessions give you the tools to change your life starting today!

PAST LIVES & LOVES ... Over 25 years ago, through my years of study in metaphysics, quantum theory and Kabala, I developed a method of revealing past lifetimes. I have been using this method since, with overwhelming success and accuracy. I am the only psychic who uses my technique; I have never taught it to another.

* * A past life reading will help you gain understanding of where fears, abilities and memories come from. Release yourself from the baggage of the past.


LOVE - Relationships / Friendships / Partners
MONEY - Career / Success / New Projects / Business
PAST LIVES - Weight Issues / Fears / Creativity / Life Path
MANIFESTING - Law of Attraction / Manifest Your Life / The Secret

Experience & Qualifications

I have over 40 years experience doing spiritual and psychic readings, occult work and energy healing. As a strong empath and clairsentient/audient, I have no need for tools. When tools may confirm, I use tarot, pendulums, spirit art, automatic writing, runes and more. I am a psychic artist, spirit writer and lightworker with an international client list, some with close to 30 years with me. I provide dream and vision interpretation.  

When I use cards, they include, but are not limited to the Morgan Greer Tarot, Gypsy Lenormand Oracle Deck, Psychic Tarot, Gipsy Cards, Lenormand Tarot and the Universal Love deck. 

My books in print include -- Magical Hearth: Home for the modern pagan -- and -- Of Witches: Celebrating the Goddess as a solitary pagan -- . Both books have seen world wide success and translation. Other writing includes three volumes out in ebook format and over a thousand new age articles about psychic ability, magick, gods and goddesses, the Higher levels, the Law of Attraction, spirituality and other metaphysical topics. My university degree includes in-depth studies into world religions, history, philosophy and psychology, all which aid me during your reading.


All advice given here should not be used in the place of a professional consultation. 
LGBT friendly - Absolute discretion assured.




Bachelor of Arts, Master Herbalist, HPS
Award Winning non-fiction Author