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The Angels & Faeries have Messages For You! I give Faery & Angel Oracle Card Readings. I also teach how to connect with these loving beings.
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About My Services

I give Faery and Angel Oracle Card Readings and I always ask the Angels or Faeries and the G-d/G-ddess what messages they have for you regarding your questions (even if it is in "general"). I always trust the guidance of the Cards. I also may feel guided to include a Healing Meditation, Prayer, or Invocations that you can try at home on your own or in a Live Chat with me. I also offer Distance Reiki Healings through the Live Chat and am attuned to the Masters Level Usuii Reiki and to Angel Light Reiki and Moon Reiki. Currently I am also doing Romance Readings in which I ask the Angels & Faeries and the G-d/G-ddesses what messages they may have for your regarding Romance/Love/Passion and I use a deck of "Romance" Cards for these Readings. They are wonderful and enlightening!

Experience & Qualifications

I am an Adult Indigo transitioning into a Crystal. I believe in and work with Angels, Faeries, various Gods and Goddesses, Ascended Masters, Saints, and the G-d/G-ddess. I believe that we are all on a path of Spiritual and Conscious evolution and the purpose of the card readings are to give you guidance and to help you to evolve and live a happier life. The Angels, Faeries and the G-d/G-ddess love you very much. We are all divine beings of Love & Light. I also give Romance Readings using an amazing deck of Romance Cards and I ask the Goddesses of Love what messages they might have for you regarding Romance and Love. And Finally, I also offer Healing Meditations and/or Distance Reiki Healing through Live Chat Sessions and if I feel guided to include a Meditation or any other suggestions in your reading(s) I will do so.


I am Writer and I have my own Online Magazine at I am also an Ordained Minister with the Church of Spiritual Humanism and am Currently attuned to the Reiki master Level as well as to Angel Light Reiki and Moon Reiki.