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Ive been here at Kasamba/LivePerson for over 7 years.Get answers now to all lifes questions. i dont sugar coat tho,so if u want truth and honesty.. then im your expert! Other Specialties  
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• Confused? Need Guidance? Have Relationship Issues? Soulmate or not?• Are you looking for TRUTH? • Clarity • EMPOWERMENT! •

All the questions that you once worried and pondered over don't have to be questions anymore.

Spiritual Guidance, Soulmates, Love & Relationships,Past Lives, Psychic Readings, Career, Photo Reading,Aura Readings,Clairvoyant



I Have Numerous Clients from all over the US. I am Looking forward to helping Kasamba users with their problems and answering any questions they may have... I am a reliable and confidential guide and EXPERT in Love & Relationships

***Talking with a genuine psychic can leave you with a feeling of confidence and peace about your future.***

Experience & Qualifications

All Of My readings are in depth and highly Accurate. I help with all matters of life. Relationship, Divorce, Business, Financial. Have a specific question? Looking for specific answers? Connect with me today and Become Inlightened on what Tomorrow May bring.My aim is to be compassionate, insightful and practical, and to truly listen to you and what it is you are asking.I will provide clarity to current dilemmas in your personal, social and spiritual life. With my sensitivity I can pick up on what is happening in your life and help you to see if you are on the right path. I can See and Feel Thoughts, Intentions, and Emotions of Any one you want to look at for Love and Relationships.I can read your mates heart and tell you exactly where you stand and how they feel about you.


Licensed Psychic in Washington and California.4 Business Locations Through out the two states.