About My Services

Hi there, my name is Deon and welcome to my profile.

I want you to know that I am here to help you and will give you the answers and future as I see it without judging you and I want us to become friends and trust in each other.

I do my readings with the help of my spiritual guides and will always try my best to give you the answers to your questions and the messages to your future.

It is my true passion to help you with my god given talents. I will answer your most pressing questions or give you general readings on any area which you seek answers for.

I have been helping others with my god given gift for over 12 years and it is my true passion to give you the truthful answers that you are waiting for. I have helped many friends, family members, co-workers, and clients with my gift of spiritual insight. Let me help you today. I can help you in many areas of your life but I specialize in LOVE and Reuniting Lovers. I will not sugarcoat anything so please be prepared to hear the truth.

Give me a call today, you will not be disappointed. Thanks

Experience & Qualifications

Been helping clients all over the world for just over 12 years now and on Liveperson for the past 3 years now. Also give professional help face to face.


12 Years experience. Telephone and Personal reader.