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Tarot Reading



Psychic/ Tarot Reader, work with many tarot decks to create a clear picture of your past present and future. Guide you through the Myst of uncertainty.. Other Specialties  
About My Services

Using my Natural-born Psychic abilities and working with your Guides, I can see into your past, present and future. I am blessed with being an Intuitive Psychic and Medium that taps into your mind’s eye and inner voice. I work in the areas of psychic channeling, the art of the tarot, dream analysis, and I can communicate with family, friends or pets that have passed on. My consultations are accurate and will give you the information needed to make a happier and better life. Life is a test, and with my help, we can clear away the confusion, sadness, depression or anxiety on any issue. I hope that you will give me the opportunity to provide clarity in your life and bring joy to your heart. Blessed be…

Experience & Qualifications

Reiki Master that taps into your minds eye and inner voice. I use the ancient studies of many paths to open and bring to you many answers through symbology, colour analysis and charka readings, Elements of life in daily reading to help you with direction and open many questions in life. Ancient Egyptian use-to-use Tarot Reading every day to help answer many questions in life.


Reiki Master, Remote Viewing, telepathic. taught through many professionals on Tarot.