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Certified Expert 4th Generation Psychic, Promise to Give You An Honest, Real & Accurate Reading - No Sugar coating. Angel Guided, Extremely Gifted & FAST TYPIST - Call Now!
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Hi! My name is Grace. I have received my guidance through the spirits for the past 15 years. I help others to find the right path in life.

So if you are seeking answers from the Spirit world, I channel the Spirits and use my psychic abilities to answer your questions. I am able to bring inner healing to the lives of others. I Draw upon Medicine Healing energies from generations of Cherokee ancestors, to bring answers to those in need. I share the wisdom and insight of my predecessors. Using all six senses is a way of life, more importantly it is the essence of life!

My intuition has become lucid through my life experience and the guidance from my family. Blessed with the gift of understanding, we embrace the Spiritual realm, practicing frequent contact with the Spirit guides to help others find their way. Now as I have become wiser, I realize that these Blessed gifts are meant for a much higher purpose; to bring Healing and answers to all! I have blessed abilities to help those in need. I CAN help you!

I am an intuitive reader; I am here to help you find the underlying cause. There are so many paths to take, that's why I'm here. I can provide guidance to help you discern your paths, to lead you in the positive direction. My experience as a psychic includes: Dream Interpretations, Past Lives, Spiritual Counseling, Relationships, Money and Career. The choice is yours. Let me help guide you!

My readings will be compassionate and understanding, and they will be very much truthful and accurate with empathy as the core principle! Using intuitive skills, which I was born with, I am able to help those in need. I can and will help you! Answer those nagging questions with confidence and serenity! Call me now for a clear and concise reading.

Blessings to ALL!


Experience & Qualifications

I have 15 years of professional experience providing Psychic Readings. My client satisfaction rate for the insight I provide has been over 93%. And my expert meditation and spiritual advice has helped many. I also communicate with those on the Other Side. Experienced in Remote viewing ~ Crystal ball gazing ~ Seances ~ and much more.


* Bachelors and Masters In Psychology
* Psychic/Spirit Medium
* Clairvoyant
* Tarot Master
* Dream Interpreter
* Paranormal Investigator
* Relationship Counselor