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Are you in need of guidence? Worried about what life has to offer you? Need help in making choices? Look no futher Hello, my name is Susan i am a "Psychic Reader& Advisor" Alot of people are not sure what the diffrence between a tarot card reader and a psychic are,A Psychic has a very special abilty , I am able to see into the future with out use of cards or any objects for that matter,through an energy like clair-audio we are able to pick up on the occurances of ones past see ones future and forsee ones future. Each reading must begin with a lot of concentration on both the client and the readers part, it is up to me to proplerly guide you through your most difficult of instances in reguards to LOVE, MONEY, HEALTH, CAREER etc. Everyone has some psychic ability but some are just more intuned with it then other,so give a psychic reading a try i think you will find it the most accurate. Good Luck

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i have over 30 yrs of experience in paranormal activity. My gift was discovred at age 10 by my spirtual superiors.I haved solve many crimes in the state of Utah and have recovered many lost items. I have several difffrent locations were i advise hundreds of clients per week on everyday problems of life. my readings are very insightful and accurate and i have aided the lives of many satsified customers.Call now for your free question, I bid you peace.


I have been involved with psychic activity for over 3 decades and have studied for years Psychic Experience and tarot cards,astrology and counsling.I have worked with hundreds of diffrent psychics over the years and continue to lecture on the importance of finding ones psychic within themselves. Everyone at one time or another is in need of advise . Our job as psychics is to guide you simply through any difficulty that you may be having.Love Money.Job and even health or stress issues. Each person is going to relate to their own psychic diffrently in the same respect of not everyone enjoys the same books or food. Each person must find the psychic that is right for them. You must be in tune with your psychic so that your reading can be as accurate as possible.My gift is something that has touched the lives of hundreds of people and has satisfied ones quest for accurate direction. Each one of us has a proper path but not all are walking on it, it takes many years of practice to unveil a persons true path and calling in life and this is what i aim to do . Not only improve ones life but to give it true meaning and begin to open doors to one's own spirit guide. This guide helps you make choices less difficult and stress free.I am also a Life Style Coach and i am offering a free question even before the reading begins.