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Vedic Astrology


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Vedic Astrologer practising for last 10 years with expertise into relationships, finance, career and medical astrology
About My Services

I am a Vedic Astrologer. I have been practising Vedic Astrology for last 10 years and use Parasara and Jaimini techniques both in my readings. I have expertise in Relationships, Finance, Career and Medical Astrology. In addition to providing consultations I am also an expert in performing remedies. The remedies are of their own kind and very very effective. My remedies are very precise and tailored to an individual's problem.

Experience & Qualifications

om namo bhagavate vasudevaya I have more than 10 years experience in consultation in Vedic Astrology. I have analysed more than 1000 charts and provided consultations. Very precise consultation is what I am best in offering to all. Since 2007, I have been offering astrological consultations using traditional Jyotisha (Vedic Astrology) tools, as taught by my Jyotish Guru. All my chart readings are entirely based on teachings of parampara. (Sri Jagannath Center). All consultations are performed over Skype, Phone or pre-recorded session. Services Offered: 1. Full reading Applying principles of Vedic Astrology for full chart reading including analysis of all spheres of life indicated by the client. Remedies (gems, colors, mantra, directions), chart rectification, analysis of auspicious and inauspicious yogas with timings of predictions all included. Prasna reading (horary chart) 2. Detailed Questions: Reading for detailed questions related to particular doubt/query of the native like “will this enterprise succeed?”, “will I pass final exam?”, “will I marry with that person?”, etc. Traditionally its up to three questions to which number (1-108) given by the client is added. The answer is given based on the chart drawn at the moment of answering. Muhurta reading (electional chart) 3. Muhurta (Best time for events): Choosing the best time (day and hour) to start particular enterprise known as Electionaly Astrology. According to Jyotisha such a good time will guarantee success of project or any other type of activity like marriage, career, interview, moving out, foreign travel, education, initiation, samskaras etc. 4. Compatibility Analysis: Compatibility of Match reading of the couple including traditional approach. Two birthdata charts comparison and prasna drawn will give detailed analysis of fortune related to couple. I also run a forum on Vedic Astrology.


Certification in Jaimini Astrology