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Do you have questions about the past or future? About love, money or health? Are you looking for a genuine psychic that can give you genuine answers? Then look no further.
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My name is Tina and I have been in touch with my spiritual side for almost 20 years now.

I first began back in Bucharest, after visiting an old psychic Gypsy lady who had a large reputation within our community for accurately reading cards, Rune Stones, tea leaves etc. She also saw spirits; past, present and future. It was very difficult back then to gain an appointment with her as she was so popular and was usually fully booked but alas, eventually I got my chance.

Upon entering the room however, she became very dramatic and told me I had brought someone into the room with me. She said that I had a presence looking out for me and that my spiritual side was very strong. After discussing this for over an hour, she suggested that I get in touch with myself spiritually and that I should start by reading Tarot. I never got my reading that day but I've been correctly predicting the past present and future for thousands of people, all over the world, ever since.

Unlike many other so called 'Psychics', my readings will be 100% COMPLETELY personal to you and will be done manually by myself. The price is a giveaway, as a genuine reading is a bespoke services and completely unique to you and your energy, it's a lot of work which is reflected in the price, though it is still amazing value for money which I'm sure you'll agree.

Although I have many years of experience offering Psychic services, this is my first time doing this through LivePerson.

Please don't be off put by the lack of reviews as my services are as professional and accurate, if not more so than any you may have previously experienced.

As a gesture of good faith, for one month only, all of my LivePerson services will be offered at an introductory rate until my feedback reflects the quality service I offer.

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You can ask anything from short questions with yes or no answers to multiple indepth questions that require complex and more detailed responses.


I am a born Psychic