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Truthful and accurate, non-biased, quality one on one readings to help you make the decisions in life you need to make. Other Specialties  
About My Services

No bull, no games. Real, accurate information that you need to know. Over 20 years of seeing things that most others cannot, and no hype or feeding you lines, but truthful depictions of those things that affect YOUR life. Able to help guide many in a positive direction, and bring them peace of mind, especially for those who've lost a loved one. Let me help you find the answers you need, and guide your heart to a more peaceful path.

Experience & Qualifications

Premonitions, dreams, the ability to "know" a person from within were all discovered early in life. Sensing emotions and fears, and discovering them to be very accurate. My father explained to me at a very young age why these things happened, and how many other members of our family experienced similar events.

I have used these "gifts" to help those close to me find their way to understanding theirselves, their lives, those around them, and even those who had gone on before them in a more clear, positive light. To come to peace with themselves, and to help give them the peace of mind.

Please give me the first 5-10 minutes before hiring me, to get a feeling on what it is you need and if I can help you.

If you ring in and I don't answer right away, please give me ten minutes and try again.