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Hello, I am Snowfire Lioness, I am a natural born clairvoyant, clairsentient and clairaudient, I consider these to be gifts. Those of the spirit realm communicate to me in words, images and feelings which I in turn share with you, often what I see or hear makes no sense to me although, in most cases it certainly makes sense to the caller. "The truth shall set you free." I can only give you what I am given through my Guides. I am a seer of the auric winds, I can tell you what another is feeling about you, and you about them. "1/18/2003 Grgygirl I had read with Snowfire Lioness last year and dismissed much of what she had said because I wasn't ready to accept it. As it turns out, she is one of the very few that was absolutely accurate. I wish now that I would have given her more time on that call to help me understand what she was trying to say. She doesn't pull any punches...tells you exactly how it is. That IS what you are paying for...right? Don't make the mistake I made. Call her with an open mind and really listen to what she is trying to tell you.Thanks Snowfire!

Experience & Qualifications

Methods that I often use together are: Aura, Tarot, Indian and Angel Readings, Destiny Readings, Numerology and Astrology, together with my natural gifts of Clairvoyance, Clairsentience, and Clairaudance, gives my caller a well rounded reading, and helps them to understand the situation in a clear concise manner. Therefore, I use my natural gifts along with my other abilites to give you the best reading possible.