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My readings consist of oracle or tarot card readings along with channeled messages from my guides and angels. My rates are extremely reasonable, and I offer the readings via chat or email. All readings are done within 24 hours. I always provide the opportunity for follow up questions. And will offer additional information if you need clarification on anything. I ask that you approach your reading with an open mind and healthy skepticism. You can ask for a general reading or if you have a particular area that you would like to focus on you can let me know that. Please do not provide too much detailed information as it can skew the reading. I want you to be certain that the reading is coming from spirit and not just me repeating back to you the info you have already provided.

Testamonials from other clients-Read here what others have written about the readings I have given.
Janine wrote; "Thank you so very much - I feel the reading was very accurate".

Moonie Wrote "Now talking about the reading, I will have to say that you are gifted, because you have hit things spot on."

Tiffany wrote "Your reading is very very accurate and well done. Thank you again! lol sorry, can't say it enough how helpful it was! Tiffany

Star wrote' Thank you so much for the reading!! I really appreciate it.!!! It was perfect :o)

KatieJane wrote; "the reading made me choke up a little.. It was almost as if you have been walking next to me in my life at this time. You have given me hope and clarity. Thank you

Liz wrote; "sorry to compare to another psychic but I think you are absolutely right... but again thank you so very much I am so grateful

Verity wrote; "Thank you for the reading. as for the past and present you seem right on. I only hope the future might be a little brighter, but I will try my best"

Hether wrote; Thank you so much for the reading. You were right on target! And I am going to take your advice. Thank you! Peace and light~

Peggy wrote Thanks again for the mini-read. When I read about the overpowering part the hairs on my neck stood ex.. the controlling ways of his will be with me forever...Thanks again.. it was very nice of you to take time from your life for me ..Be happy

Teri wrote' I think you are the greatest!!! Your reading are so indepth! I'm really impressed by the use of cards and your intuition. Thank you so very much for the clarifications and answering all the questions I had! Can I do it again! :)

Luci Wrote hey thanks so much for the reading you gave me. You can tell alot of effort and time was put into it.You're very talented at what you do, the information was very precise and accurate, not to mention thorough. You go that extra mile! thanks again for the reading :)

Passionate Girl wrote "ty so much u are a very talented in what you do everything u said was right on wow im shocked ive been to several psychics but i half to say urs far is the best reading ive gotten"

Experience & Qualifications

I have been offering Spiritual Guidance for over ten years. I have studied at Divine Dimensions Institute and with the Accelerated Healer Development Program.