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Although I believe some people are more suited than others. I also believe that regardless of your birth number compatibility and astrological signs and other planetary influences that if we all had the truth of how men and women tick in a relationship, and truly understood these differences and worked with them just about anyone could have a relationship with anyone.

Remember beauty is only in the eye of the beholder. Physical attraction is the weakest link to a prosperous and loving relationship. HOW DO YOU KNOW WHEN YOU HAVE MET THE RIGHT PERSON? I have been reading in regards to relationships for 20 years not and the biggest questions have been around connections with others in love sense. What does he think or feel for me? How do I know he is the right one? Will my ex and I reunite? is another question that crops up a lot of the time. Although you all receive a personal and individual reading where I look at you and the other person very carefully there is a common denominator that I have found in regards to love relationship and these questions and that is a lot of you are afraid to ask the questions of the person you ask me about, usually in fear of causing an issue with the person. The other thing I have found that doesn't help matters is a lot of us women don't be ourselves in a relationship right from the start. We do and say things we believe they want to hear...or things that we hope will get the result you want. At the end of the day I have noticed that all those that do this return often with the same questions. Don't get me wrong here I am here to help and sometimes there is problems that all of you need some advice and direction with, however if things are not going your way you may need to look at yourself to why. Are you being doing and saying what you are for the sake of trying to get a different response or are you doing it because you don't know any other way to get what you want from the one you love. There are simple ways to get your love life on track with little effort that work. I have used these techniques for years now with myself family and friends and clients. The effort you need to put in is minimal however you need to be prepared to take that risk that you fear. If what you are doing isn't working why not try my techniques I did a survey through my website of 500 clients and I found that I have had a 85.9 percent rate of turning negative not working relationships into positive ones...These are the relationships where the people are actually together not those that just like someone...With those to get a good response from someone you like I also have techniques to help and in another survey last year out of 200 I got a 45 percent positive result which was great. I tell it how it is... as it is the only way. I am compassionate however I am not the candy giver. Call me

Experience & Qualifications

My experience in this field goes back nearly 2 decades and I have been working as a professional reader for 10 of these. A Tarot Reader and teacher and group facilitator I pride myself on giving you an accurate and honest reading using all my gifts including my knowledge of Numerology


Experienced Tarot Reader and Teacher.

New Zealand Diploma in Counseling



2nd attuned Reiki Healer

And Dream Analyzer