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~Greetings~ Thanks for taking time to check out my profile. I have been reading online through Live Person & Kasamba for over 9 years however my abilities as a Medium & Clairvoyant were given to me at birth. I connect with my spirit guides and yours as well to help guide you in any given situation. My strengths are not limited however I do specialize in love, relationship, career, finance as well as other questions such as gender prediction, pregnancy prediction & much more. I do not limit myself in any given situation as I do believe spirit will always provide! My promise to you is that I will be honest. If it is good or bad, I will tell you the truth. As without the truth we as psychics are "nothing". My goal is to help provide you a genuine path of the future, to explain to you what he/she is thinking at the moment and basically to get you set up on more stable ground so you can go forward in your life. I am not only here as your psychic of choice but as well as your friend. I do provide my readings with my natural ability. There are no cards, programs or anything that will help me guide you however I am skilled in numerology, tarot, and astrology. I will offer these to you on request. I really hope that you will give me the chance to connect with you. I do understand that there are many very gifted psychics in the world today and sometimes it is hard to get that "right fit" however if you take a moment and connect with me as I do offer free connection time I am sure that my gift will amaze you and we will grow a very special bond together. Thanks for taking time to check out my profile, I will wait to hear from you soon!

Experience & Qualifications

I like to think of myself as a messenger. I am painted a picture or spoken to what will happen for you in the future and I share that message with you. I am very grateful that I was given this ability and even more grateful that I can share it with you! As I have mentioned above, I have been working with Live Person & Kasamba for the past 6 years. I have helped others as well professionally for the past 14 years. My gifts are NATURAL. I did not read a book, take a class or whatnot to be able to connect spiritually or in a psychic sense. I am happy of course to share more of my story with you if you would like to hear. I hope you take a moment and consider me as your psychic of choice. I promise to bring you resolution to your deepest questions & needs. Many blessings & Light