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So life has presented you with yet another crossroad? My natural born gifts of Clairvoyance and Clairaudience will work for you, to put your life back into balance. I am here to offer you understanding into thoughts and feelings of those around you, affecting your life. For years, I have been helping people with love, relationships, dream interpretation and work related insight. The universe wants you to have abundant success and true happiness, and provides direction to those who seek it. I can help you with any question that you may have. My promise to you are direct and honest answers.

Experience & Qualifications

The result of David's experience is a firm foundation in spirtual knowledge. His gifts of clairvoyance, personal healing and skills as an empath and medium enable him to share his compassion and humor to guide you to a clearer vision of your dreams and goals and he uses many different oracles to seek the truth to the answers you are looking for. With over 32 years of experience, I have helped many such as yourself, with a wide variety of lifes situations. I will assist in providing true and honest answers in ANY and EVERY aspect of your life. All I need is your name and birthdate, and anyone who you are inquiring about, and I will tell ALL that unfolds to me. I will help you find the path to HAPPINESS AND PEACE OF MIND AND HEART within minutes. All Of my readings are private and confidential. No problem is too small nor too big to handle. I can also pick up on times, dates and initials. I DO NOT SUGAR COAT ANY OF MY READINGS! HONESTY IS THE BEST POLICY FOR HAPPINESS. YOUR JOURNEY AWAITS....


David is a world reknowned Master/Teacher/Prophet, that has studied with THE BEST THIS WORLD HAS TO OFFER from overseas. I also come from a very extensive backgound of Master Greek Prophets that were highly sought-after for their incredible gifts of power and knowledge. I have a very successful business in Boca Raton for the past 32 years and still counting that has served high profile professionals, hollywood A-LISTS to regular people such as yourself. I will be your friend, councellor and life coach. Allow David to guide you to the path of illumination. LET THE TRUTH BE TOLD AND LET YOUR JOURNEY BEGIN!...