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Clear, Concise, Accurate Empathic and Intuitive psychic readings...Please see my feedback only two inferior ratings...FAST TYPIST!!!
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I am a skilled empathic and intuitive reader who will assist you in any way you desire. I am here to guide and give you true answers. I will tell you posibilities as they appear at the time of the reading. Please understand that free will can and will influence outcomes. I specialize in love and relationships because I have had significant and life changing experiences that I feel will contribute to the assistance I can give. I will use my gifts to give you clear and concise guidance and answers. However, please remember that the path to true happiness and fulfillment lies within YOU. It is my hope to empower you with the knowledge you desire to make informed decisions. I extend all the love in my heart to each and every one of you.

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I have been a gifted seer for most of my life. My abilities began to manifest at the age of 8 and are a part of my astrological profile as well as my palm profile. The gifts I have have been passed down through generations of women in my family. Please see what some of my clients have had to say about me in the short time I've been on Kasamba...Also, take advantage of the free connection time to establish a connection and remember that there is always a reason for any mutual misunderstandings that may occur. Be specific in the questions you ask! SOME REVIEWS--- She predicted something that came to pass, so I feel that what she predicts this time will happen, too. Thanks, girl. –Kay 1922 her predtictions are comming true..now iam just waiting for 2 really big ones!! :) :)..she is so sweet and caring..please try her!!! :) :) you wont be dissapointed cuz doesn;t just want your nmoney..she is not about that at all...she is soooo caring...and loving and gives you details.. so yea!!..LOVE YA GURL..will be back!!! –luv2eatfries She is honest, great and sweeeeeeettttt. Was very accurate in her discriptions!!! --albnt


I come from a long line of intuitive and empathic readers and palmistry experts. My gifts have been passed down through seven generations.