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Many blessings! Specialize in relationships, soulmates, career and finances. I provide clarity and deliver the truth with compassion.
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Hello! It is my goal for you to feel at ease when you speak with me. I am a psychic and an empath. When doing a reading I use tarot cards and also listen to the guidance that my spirit guides and angels give to me to pass on to my client.

Feel free to come to me with any questions and concerns. I specialize in relationships, money and career. I believe that we are all psychic on some level, so I will honor your feelings in a reading. Please know that I will not tell you what you want to hear, but if the news is not to your liking my spirit guides and I will try to find a solution to help you onto a path that is more in line with your greatest and highest good.

It is my wish that you feel safe enough to share your troubles with me. Together, we will find a solution. I look forward to meeting and chatting with you. Light and Love to you!!!

Experience & Qualifications

For as long as I can remember I have KNOWN things. As a child, I saw pictures and amazed my distant relatives with my endless predictions. My immediate family simply chuckled, as they knew all to well about my gifts. My mother and my grandmother also have psychic abilities.

I started using Tarot cards in my teens to aid me in communicating the feelings that I had. As I began to use my abilities to help others, I felt that I had found my purpose. I yearn to help others find their purpose as well.

I have an ability to FEEL the situation and I will do my best to help you through whatever it is that is troubling you. There is always a solution out there because the universe only brings to you what is for your highest good. It can be difficult to see that solution when you are invovled, though. I am here to help when the waters look cloudy.


5 years experience reading online. Certified Tarot reader. Clinical psychology experience.