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Tarot Reading



Skilled tarot reader that is a fast typist and do spot-on readings for all types of questions.
About My Services

When life goes against you – then a tarot reading might be the thing to open up the knot - or if you are at a crossroad and need a direction. Though I strongly recommend that you follow your heart’s message when it comes to love, tarot can be there as a helpful hand to bring some good advices and common sense into the situation. I also use psychic readings. Then I use my body as an empathic to understand what the matter of the situation is. In combination with tarot cards, it can be a strong and accurate reading for you. I like using a three-card reading for short questions and answers. The three cards here stands for situation now – near future – and – good advice. I also have a good psychology reading using 10 cards with the topics: me in this – my higher self – my shadow – challenges – blessings – enemies – allies – near future – good advice – summary. I also have a work related spread using 6 cards with the topics: current situation – past work – future work – focus – good advice – summary Finally when it comes to questions about love, I recommend a 5 card spread with the topics: past love – situation now – heart of matter – good advice – future love. Of course you can ask me any kind of questions, and I will find a suitable spread for that. Disclaimer: A reading is for entertainment purpose only. If you have any medical problems, I strongly recommend you to see a doctor. What I write is not a prediction, but one of many possible ways your life can go. I can’t and won’t see any evil things.

Experience & Qualifications

Worked with tarot for 13 years now. Have also worked for Teletopia doing professional telephone readings in Norway. Have run my own website offering readings. Many satisfied clients in my home country Norway. Learned natural healing among the poor people of The Philippines in 2008-2010.


Ordained reverend Universal Life Church. Tarot Diploma - Universal Class