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Psychic Reading



I have a certificate in tarot card reading and more than 15 years experience helping individuals and large/small businesses.
About My Services

Born as an indigo child, I have always possessed the ability to communicate with the spirit world. I am an experienced psychic, and my predictions are accurate. My readings are honest and will give you insight on your life and the people around you. I have the ability to look into your past, present and future, communicating with your spirit guides and loved ones. I have the ability to help you understand self and others; I will get to the core of the truth.

Experience & Qualifications

I have assisted many people of all life styles with love, relationships, marriage, career, health etc. I have many years of experience and very fluent in Tarot and psychic readings.


Alhambra Institute, Dearborn Michigan - Certification, July, 2001: Tarot 1, Tarot 2, Tarot 3, Tarot 4, and Hypnotism 1 and 2. Apprenticeship: AUG.2001 THRU JAN.2002. Certification, August, 2002: Natal Astrology 1, Natal Astrology 2, Natal Astrology 3, Natal Astrology 4 – August 2002. Certification, June, 2003: Runes 1, Runes 2. Certification, September 10, 2003: Karma 1 and 2, Chakra, Moon, Auras & Colors, Metaphysics 1, Mediation 1, 2, and 3, Life Cycles, Spirit Languages. Additional Courses: Psychic Development, Spirit Guides & Angels, Palmistry, Crystal Ball, Medical Astrology, Feng Shui with Fairchild, Pendulums, Automatic, Flame Reading, Altars, Progressed Astrology 1 - 4, Crystals & Stones, Psychometry.