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About My Services

I have recently joined Kasamba as I have spent many years fine tuning my gift with friends, neighbours and in my local area. I recently took this furthyer a field and people have been amazed at the truth and accuracy that I have spoken into their lives. Now it is your turn. I am also a dream analysiser. I am wanted to develop on Kasamba hence the low rates to build up my profile, be one of the first now!

Experience & Qualifications

I have been travelling the UK for seven years, in front of groups of up to 300 people at a time and trying to give a one on one session afterwards to as many people as possible, people have been amazed and you will be amazed too. After providing this service for free I want to go into it full time by requesting a small amount.


I have seven years experience of tuning in to people, of reading dreams and of being a friend to those who want advice.