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I've been reading and studying the Tarot for many many years now. I love the Tarot and how it can answer all the many questions and concerns that arise in our everyday lives. I will relay the message I receive from the Tarot to you as honest and best as I can. Honesty and sincerity is something I do treasure and value being a reader.

While Tarot is one of my main interests and means I use for readings, I do use various other Oracle decks as well which I've studied extensively. One of my main focuses when reading is to help you gain insights into the situation, and find a way together how to tackle the issue. Trying to empower you is an important aspect of reading to me personally.

Experience & Qualifications

I've been reading Tarot cards for the World Tarot Readers online for several years now and enjoy it very much. Before leaving Germany I've also been reading for a German website (Viversum) who provides expert advice int he fields of spirituality, psychic and esoteric. Apart from that, I've been conducting readings privately for years.


World Tarot Readers, Viversum