Violet Star

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Tarot Reading



Tarot cards. Psychic readings. Spirit guides. Guardian Angels. Read tarot cards from age of 13. cards given to me by my Sicilian Grandmother. spoken with spirit since i was 4 Other Specialties  
About My Services

Tarot cards have been in my hands for fourty years..I understand how they work.. they relate to u now... and to ur future.. they can tell what is happening around u. and they can show u what to expect... love interest.. money wise.. job changes. I can communicate with those how have passed.. and let u know they are well... if there are any messages from them u will get them.. i can see spirits easy.. and feel their love.. Walking in the light is important to me. Angels are by my side. and it is easy and a joy to see urs...I can also communicate with pets.

Experience & Qualifications

I was born with a viel over my face,, which means that i can see beyond life and death..My grandmother bought me my first deck of tarot cards for my thirteenth birthday.. she taught me most everything i know. and now assists me from the other side... I have been proven to be able to speak with those who have crossed over since i was four...and have worked as a phone psychic for another company since 97 and still do... when i was young i read for my friends in holly wood... and still do..I will do as much as i can for u to help u know that those who have passed are ok. and if they have any messages for u u will get them.. direct and to the point...


I have worked as a psychic since i was sixteen, on and off.. I am working for a phone service and have since 97. It is something that comes naturally to me.. assisting law enforcment. contacting those who have passed and having the information that has been provided in a court of law is common. .