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empathic tarot reader with 9 yrs experience. I have an open heart and an open mind. ***FAST typist***. Honest and Compassionate. I do NOT sugarcoat. Allow me help you.
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I blend my abilites as a tarot and oracle card reader with my empathic, intuitive, and my ability to communicate with the Spirits and Animal guides around me.

I get messages from Spirits, the Goddess, Angels, my Spirt Guides, as well as animals.

An automated or FREE reading can never give you the full experience of a real live reader. The skill, compassion, and knowledge that goes into each reading. I am committed to giving each and every one of my clients the very best reading that I can give.

I am currently only doing email readings. Send me an email with your full name and date of birth along with what area of your life you would like me to focus on.

I can help answer questions like:

~ What do I need to know about my career?
~ What steps should I take if so that I can advance in my career?
~ How can I improve my relationship with my mother/brother/girlfriend etc?
~ Why am I facing recurring troubles with my business?
~ What obstacles/blockages are in my way and keeping me from achieving my financial/spiritual/romantic goals?
~ What is the best way to handle this situation?
~ What animal energy should I focus on to help me get through this rough spot in my life?
~ Where do I stand on my Life path?

Experience & Qualifications

I have followed my heart and the Goddess to this place where I now find myself, walking in balance with all that is around me. I enjoy conversing with the Spirits around me, they have much wisdom and insight to share. I am also now teaching, encouraging, and mentoring others along their path.

On Kasamba I also do dream interpretation/analysis.

I offer an email Animal Magick and Wisdom/Animal Totem class. Contact me for details.


I have been reading tarot both personally and professionally for 9 years. I am an empathic and intutative tarot reader who offers empowerment and inspiration as well as accuracy and honesty to each and every one of my clients.