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Whispering Cedar has help people for over 19 years as they journey through life searching for answers, as the way is guided through Tarot. Other Specialties  
About My Services

****I do not read just for All who come here. Only those I feel I may be able to help. ****I answer one free question if I feel I can see. Please do NOT ask for more then this. ****I am not the cheapest, nor am I the most expensive here. I will give you my best. ****If you decide not to use my services I wish you well. ****If you are seeking your guide around you, I can help you find them. Let Whispering Cedar help you as you search for meaning and guidance in your journey of life. She will help you find the inner truth that is, at times, more personally true than external facts. Whispering Cedar can help reveal potential paths for you to follow that will help clarify decisions or gain new insights while traveling down the path of life. She honors all walks of life and respects them as so. This is her calling in life, to help others to walk down their own path. She can walk beside you as you learn to see the candle of the flame from the darkness.

Experience & Qualifications

Working for over 21 years as not just a Tarot reader, but a Tarot counselor. Not just showing what is going on in your life, but finding out as to why it may be happening. She listens and helps others find what is going on in their lives and how this is playing a part not only in the physical world but the emotional world as well. "I never mean to cause any one any hurt when they ask, but I can only speak the truth. How could I lie to anyone who asked for help?"


Whispering Cedar is a Spiritual Counselor and a minister. She has been readings cards for almost 19 years. She is known as an expert reader in, Virginia, North Carolina and Georgia, reading for groups and individuals.