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I offer honest, discreet, and time efficient readings, which will shed light on your current situation, which sometimes may seem very unclear ... Other Specialties  
About My Services

I am an experienced Psychic and have many regular clients all around the world. I am a trained counsellor which compliments my role as a spiritual adviser. I am able to talk you through your anxieties and crises in a compassionate and expert manner. I can intuitively combine the Tarot with my readings and am versed in Dream interpretation. I can show you HOW TO look at issues, and any obstacles that may be present and how to deal with them effectively..

Experience & Qualifications

I have been aware of my psychic powers and telepathic gift from a young age. God gifted with spiritual insight and awareness, I specialise in wisdom, predictions and healing. Having been endowed with these spiritual gifts, I chose to develop myself through various para-psychology courses and organisations. I developed myself and chose to chart a personal journey to help serve others in the world with this gift.


I was recognised by people to give psychic advice and genuine predictions from my teenage years. I have always had a strong interest in predictions, psychic and intuitive matters. People responded "how did you know?" when I predicted certain events or passed on specific information about them which I could not have known otherwise. People have confirmed that they have been healed and have had breakthroughs from emotional and life issues through my spiritual healing prayers which are a gift from God.