About My Services

I am a very good psychic reader and and excellent Tarot Card fortune teller. What ever form of reading you choose I will be able to help you. Helping you better undestand yourself and those around you is my major goal. Learn about love and passion it is only a only a phone call away. Thank you for your time...

Experience & Qualifications

I was trained by a dear friend sharon who was a psychic and a artist.( The police often called her to find missing people) The rest is self taught over many years and 100's of books and practiceing.
I was endocturned into Reiki by a friend then joined a class and was a student along with others in group and private sessions. I am now a Reki Master
Lastly I have contact with the other side and it aften calls to me. I reciently saw an old woman get hit and run over by a truck. I ran to the accident and took charge I held her held and covered her with my jacket as I helped her to make the transition to the other side. She died in my arms in the middle of the street. I am happy I was there without me she may have died all alone. I have much love and carring to give so pleae let me be a part of your life.


Self taught true tarot reader, trained in reiki to heal, psychic reader and link to the other side. I AM A VERY FAST TYPER!!!